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Thread: HK MP5 SD not cycling with particular ammo

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    My SD runs great on 115 gr FMJ that chrono’s at 1225 out of my Glock 17. The SD bleeds off in excess of 200 FPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VX666 View Post
    We have a German MP5 SD that by chance i found wont cycle with a particular factory ammo, Remington JHP 9mm.

    Will short stroke and not eject the case most of the time.

    At first i thought it was the JHP projectile but then i tried Gold Dot JHP and they ran fine.

    All factory FMJs run fine too

    Just Remington 9mm JHP causes short stroKes and FTE

    Anyone know or ueard of this problem?

    The recoil sprinng rod and bcg are all for the mp5sd , matching.
    Had an older German one, before NATO even had 124 +P ammunition. If i remember they were designed to run on full power 115 9mm because of the ported barrels. I've always been a puss at running hollowpoints through any suppressor even though the only problem I had with HP was with a can I stupidly let get loose - now everything gets VibraTite VC-3 on both sets of threads or its a 3-lug. It ironic that you are having problems with the Remington UMC cheapo ammo because in 300 Blackout I've helped people get their DI and piston (not recommended for 300 Black) AR's working great using the cheap UMC Remington 220 grain subsonic, but the stuff is the filthiest ammo I have. I've since moved to cases of S&B 200 grain subsonic. Little more oomph, less dirty powder and powder residue left behind and sounds just as quiet.

    George from Alaska

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