Form 1 Got Approved For My Z-5RS (and quick)
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Thread: Form 1 Got Approved For My Z-5RS (and quick)

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    Default Form 1 Got Approved For My Z-5RS (and quick)

    Got my Z-5RS in the last batch after what seemed like forever, couldn't be happier with it, went with the SB brace and Railed version because i didnt know how long it would be before i would be able to SBR it and i wanted to be able to enjoy it in the meantime. Haven't noticed any of the issues with mine that others had reported. Mag well was tight, finish looks good, and the welds are straight. And it shoots nice and accurately straight from the factory.

    Anyways, this was the first time I've ever submitted any kind of ATF form before. Submitted it on the 6th of June and i just received an email this morning the 25th with the approval. (Only 19 days! I'm ecstatic)

    Here she is with a shiny new A3 stock ive been saving for her.

    And of course as with a lot of people, it's the classic MP5 look that had me wanting one of these things for years and years as a kid, so here it is with the classic handguard and a nice SEF trigger housing. (All the furniture ive added are legit HK parts RIP my bank account)

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    Nice looking! I need to get some paperwork started myself... life keeps getting in the way.

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    Congratulations--- the A3 stock looks awesome!!!


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    Congrats! Looks awesome!

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    that does look fantastic , two thumbs up

    i'm in search of a z-5rs now to do the same thing

    congrats on your first stamp , now it looks like you need to get moving on a 2nd stamp for a muffler for it

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    19 days?!?!? E form or paper? Trust or individual? By the way nice gun!
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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Miacovet View Post
    19 days?!?!? E form or paper? Trust or individual? By the way nice gun!
    I just did an e-Form (Trust w/1 RP) in July on a FN PS90 that was sitting in my safe since 2006.

    It took 19 days from prints received until e-stamp in hand, approved.

    Form 1 Got Approved For My Z-5RS (and quick)-photo-aug-05-09-52-44.jpg
    Form 1 Got Approved For My Z-5RS (and quick)-photo-aug-05-09-46-00.jpg

    Now, if they could only get e-Form 4 working for cans!
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