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    Default MP5/40 - Thread Adapter

    The MP5/40 has a thread pitch of 14x.75, and is really an oddball as I have learned, and apparently the only one with that pitch. As a result it’s petty much impossible to find anything off the shelf that will allow a suppressor to be threaded on.

    I talked to Mark at TROS today and we spoke about that goofy thread pitch. He said he can make an adapter for it, when he does his next run of thread adapters. Cost is $79.00 which includes shipping back to you. It will be a few weeks tho.

    He is going to make one for me to take the 14x.75 to a .578-28, which is a thread pitch on a number of various 45ACP guns.

    Anyway, just a heads up for anyone with an MP5/40 who wants to get an adapter made.

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    Mark is 10-8 You have hooked up with a good guy and a long time gun guy...and a pretty darn good machinist...

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