why is it called the Gewehr 3 (G3)?
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Thread: why is it called the Gewehr 3 (G3)?

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    Default why is it called the Gewehr 3 (G3)?

    just out of bored curiosity, why is it called the G3? is there then such a thing as a G1, G2, G4, etc? and if so, why did the German then skip numbers all the way to G36?

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    G1 = FN FAL, Germany’s first choice, but they wanted a licence to produce them in Germany, which FN didn‘t want to grant
    G2 = SIG 510 in 7,62x51, trial gun, didn‘t make the cut
    G3 = Self explanatory
    G4 = AR 10 from Artillerie Inrichtingen in the Netherlands, trial gun, didn‘t make the cut
    Some variants not widely adopted, like the G8.
    Or other rifles tested, given a number, but not adopted (like G1 and G4).
    G22 = sniper rifles AI AW I’m 300 Win Mag
    G36 = HK 50

    For more info in german: https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List...der_Bundeswehr

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