HK Sear Approval Issues
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Thread: HK Sear Approval Issues

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    Default HK Sear Approval Issues

    I know that the caliber listing has been covered on here before so I will not go into that even though I had just discovered it first hand. The real issue is that the NFA Branch had dated the notification letter June 23, 2019 but my dealer didn't receive it until July 22, 2019. I got a call from my dealer the morning of the 23rd, the 30 day deadline telling me what was going on. I tried calling the examiner Janice Fields and Catherine Henkelman with no luck. I finally got the corrected forms expressed mailed to the NFA Branch with a letter explaining what had happened and the reason for the delay in getting the corrected form mailed today. I did send an email to Catherine Henkelman asking for an extension, fingers crossed. I just hope and pray they will not start the process from the beginning as another 11 - 12 months would be torture.

    I really think that someone at the NFA Branch waited until last week to mail the letter knowing the crap it would put me in. Now that is just plane wrong, I don't care where you come from!!!!!
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    When was it post-dated???


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    I had something similar with mine, but received it a few days prior to the deadline. Fortunately, it was easily cleared up, but it does not reset you to the back of the line, my approval happened less than 3 weeks later. Had this happen on more than one item besides my sear pack, all with the same results, so you should be good to go, even it's annoying as hell.

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    typically when questions/problems arise the fix you make get prioritized and your stamp comes quickly. that's my experience anyway so expect it sooner than
    later and as Sten says, calling or taking care of issues does not place you back to the end of the line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AGG View Post
    When was it post-dated???

    I'm not sure as the letter was sent to my dealer, but I'm trying to find out.

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    Looking for the threads or info of the caliber listing issue. I have looked in the posts back to Dec 18 and I must be missing it. I also tried the search feature. Can anyone point me to where this issue was discussed before? I didnt know this was a problem until I read the thread last week that got locked. You don't know what you don't know. It doesn't seem like this forum is as active as some others so I don't know why you would lock threads just because the issue's been discussed before. Anyway, looking for the info before I buy this sear which is listed in three calibers.

    Was Jack Bauer's form problem because you listed 3 calibers? What did you put on the corrected form?

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    They used to approve forms with multiple calibers. They don't anymore. Usually. It has no bearing on what you can use the sear in, and it's a non-issue. For the best chance of success when submitting a form 4, only list one caliber. It does not matter which caliber you choose. You do not have to notify anyone if you use the sear with a different caliber.
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    Here is a letter issued by ATF to a "lucky recipient" in 2016 specifically stating that sears should be listed as N/A for caliber. From experience, they will also accept a single caliber.

    There really is no need to flog this issue as ATF has not changed their minds (again).

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