So I posted a thread asking for help quite a while ago and got the usual replies of try different ammo. That thread is gone so I'm reposting it with an update.

So I have an HK91 with DLO pack. I install a .22lr kit. In semi-auto, it works perfectly. In full auto, I get light strikes about every other round. The first round shoots and ejects, and the next round chambers no problem but does not fire. When I eject the round, I can see where the firing pin struck. I've tried every brand of ammo I can find and they all do it. This last weekend I even tried a friends DLO pack and it behaves exactly the same. So I've ruled out bad ammo and the trigger, hammer, and all other parts related to the trigger.

So I'm left with the 22 bolt as the suspected problem. So does anyone know where I can get spare parts for a .22 kit? (specifically new springs or firing pin because they are different than an HK91 pin/springs) Or does anybody own a .22 kit in southeast Virginia that would meet up to help me further troubleshoot in the future?