Converted SL8-6 Form 1 - put G36 or keep SL8-6?
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Thread: Converted SL8-6 Form 1 - put G36 or keep SL8-6?

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    Default Converted SL8-6 Form 1 - put G36 or keep SL8-6?

    I tried searching for this so my apologies if this has already been covered.

    For those of you with approved form 1s on your converted SL8-6s, did you put the new remarked model name on the form 1 or leave it as SL8-6? I know normally you put the new remarked model, but I'm a bit confused on the appropriate thing to do as the serial plate will still say "SL8-6". I'm not sure what should take precedence here so hoping somebody else already knows!

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    Mine says SL8-6 as the model

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    Probably get both answers on this. I put SL86 just because it says it beside the serial number plate. Although, if its marked wouldn't hurt to put G36 down. IMO, either way is GTG.

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