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    Hello all.
    The sbr paperwork came in for my hk94. I do have a new mp5 barrel for it. But for the time being I am going to cut the 94 barrel down and thread it for a 3 lug thread protector or attachment. The thread protector 3 lug attachment has 1.3 inches of thread on it. Should I thread that much of the barrel or just a 1/2 inch and cut off .8 more of the barrel?
    Thanks Ed

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    Never, ever, cut a factory 94 barrel. They are worth much more than any MP5 barrel.
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    I have had my 94 barrels professionally cut down and sleeved with the 3 lug (both threaded “Navy” and unthreaded). Engraving completed before the barrel cut to avoid any complications related to remarking. TSC generally recommends this approach as most 94 barrels have very low wear and you don’t have to grind, pin, and weld on your receiver.

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