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Thread: RE: Anyone have this suppressor setup on MP5???

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeride1 View Post
    I have the non-three lug version. Unless they changed the internals pretty dramatically I can’t imagine using it as a dedicated subgun can. It’s low volume and high blow back.

    I’ve got one. Freeride is correct, lots of blowback. I’ve only had it out once & it had the worst POI shift of any can I own, and I have lots of cans. When I have a chance I intend on trying it on a different MP5.


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    I have one also. Can confirm the blowback. Spits in your face quite a bit. Tough can and the mounting system can’t be beat. Though, there is nothing so special about it that would make you select it over a Wolf(man) or Omega 9k. I prefer both of those cans greatly over the Surefire. I have a Phoenix on transfer as well and have shot it only at the indoor range. That is a great choice also. I don’t regret buying the Surefire because I like cans and I like shooting and comparing them, but couldn’t recommend it to anyone as a first or second sub gun can.

    I didn’t notice any POI shift on mine, tho I will double check next time I shoot it. I have shot it on both my MP5 and MP5k.

    Of all my sub gun cans, the Wolf(man) is my standout favorite by a wide margin.

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    I too haven't seen many videos on this new tri-lug suppressor. Great company to deal with but wonder not much marketing behind it.

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    I have a octane e 9 with tri-lug I use for my mp5. No issues and love it.

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    Personally, I run an AAC Ti-rant with the Triad 3 lug. I just wanted to keep it pretty standard as far as manufacturers.

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    Thanks guys....sounds like a no go. I've got a number of cans, of which, none spit in my guess I'll just wait.

    Thanks again.
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