RTG or HK Parts?
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Thread: RTG or HK Parts?

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    Default RTG or HK Parts?

    I have searched for this subject and found good and bad about each company. This post refers to which trigger pack is preferred for the SP5K with 4 American parts in order to be 922r compliant. The pack from RTG or HK parts? What say those who have converted their SP5K'S? Or is there an option I am not aware of? I already have the American VFG and charging handle. Thanks in advance.

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    Where did you get it's 4 parts to be 922r compliant? It's 6 parts. BuildMP5VerifyCompliance < Gunwiki < TWiki

    Mag - 3 parts
    Stock - 1 part
    Handguard - 1 part
    Vertical grip - 1 part

    I would check first with HK for parts, then RTG, [insert any internet shop], if all else fails and you want to get financially rape buy from HK Parts.

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    Yes I realize it is 6 parts. I have the 2 I mentioned and with 4 in the trigger pack would make me compliant.

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    RTG rocks, plain and simple. Good pricing, fast shipping, great catalog of parts.
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