Anyone use OSS on HK91/PTR91
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Thread: Anyone use OSS on HK91/PTR91

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    Default Anyone use OSS on HK91/PTR91

    Been looking at my purchases for next year, and I think a rifle suppressor is in the mix since I don't have one yet.

    I'm not really much of a true centerfire rifle guy. The main thing I plan on suppressing are a DI AR SBR that I'm going to be putting together (with some parts to deal with suppressor back pressure), and a PTR91 (and maybe some bolt action rifles).

    So the PTR91 is my main concern. I know 91 series rifles can be iffy suppressing, with most people going with a different locking piece. Does using an OSS suppressor eliminate that need? Does it perform well in a audible performance, or is it better to just change the LP and go for something like a Sandman L (which is the other one I'm considering).
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    I have one. I use an AAC 762SD on it, and I really like it. I have had 0 function problems. I have put everything from cheap Wolf and Silver Bear, to Federal Match, to my precision reloads I use in my Remington 700 LTR. The blow back is not bad at all. I would say it is very comparable to shooting my buddy's AR-10 suppressed. Go for it!

    The only complaint I have is that it makes the gun absolutely filthy. HK 91's are a PITA to clean normally and it makes it that much worse. However this is a problem with any gun you shoot suppressed, so that should not surprise you. I will say that I've gone 200 rounds shooting suppressed and I did not have one jam.

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