A3 Stock History Buffs... please
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Thread: A3 Stock History Buffs... please

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    Default A3 Stock History Buffs... please

    What possible history can be gleaned from the following photos other than...

    Stamped February 8, 1978 (8/2/78)
    all metal cap and mechanism
    H buffer (yellow and brittle)

    can any A3 history buff contribute any info on this date code and probable pedigree?

    A3 Stock History Buffs... please-img-0914.jpg
    A3 Stock History Buffs... please-img-0915.jpg
    A3 Stock History Buffs... please-img-0916-1-.jpg
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    Appears to be an early, concave (proper), MP5 A3 stock!!!


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    Looks like it was repainted/refinished.

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