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Thread: Going to SBR my HK93 do I convert it to 33k or 53?

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    If you can't find a real HK53 kit, don't bother with cutting down a 178mm twist barrel. They're very hard to find loose, and you'd be really devaluing the 93 you cut it out of. You're not going to gain diddly squat by putting a 178 twist barrel on it unless you're shooting heavy projectiles. It's not the length of the barrel that makes 178mm twist an advantage, it's the weight (actually the length, but since the diameter is fixed, heavier projectiles are longer). If you have an HK93 with a 178twist, leave it alone. Get a decent standard 93 barrel and cut it down.

    This reminds me, I have another HK53 to build. The kit is in my ATF closet, now if only I can find the receiver. I know it's around here somewhere, I remember seeing it when we moved here in 2015. lol.
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    Another thought:

    Why not build a 33k and pick up an already built 53? It seems there's always at least one minty build for sale at any given time.

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    This topic of converting an actual HK93 to a 53 was where I drew the line on HK9X series conversions. I had already converted two 94's and one SP89 and that was the best thing I ever did but when I got to this point, it made sense (to me) to go the clone (Vector) route and that would become the next best thing I ever did. The costs were a big factor as well as some sentimental points. My "IB" HK93 was my first HK and I purchased it mint in box in the mid 80's. To spend well beyond that on a 53 parts kit, and destroy a great original rifle, when a Vector 53 could be had for $1300 (2011) was too much to bear and that was the day that "I went Clone":)

    Now if I had possessed a beat-up 93 it would have been a different story. I would later grab up a couple of V93s for future projects and have had the best of luck with them as a sear host in their stock condition. Though I've been planning it for years, I may finally "convert" one to a 33K which is quite simple to do.

    Whatever the case, the 53 platform is definitely a winner! Best of luck.
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