If you read my post from last week I just got my fleming h sear in a 3rnd burst pack. The pack was set up for 9mm and I was trying to put a .40 ejector and trip lever.

The .40 ejector I bought was for a navy(non 3rnd burst) pack. I ended up taking the pack almost completly apart before I realized the new trip lever would not fit.

After reading the hk burst pack armorers manual several times I finnaly got my pack back together and I have a good understanding of what each part does.

I had several problems while putting the pack together. My pack has two holes infront of the triger on the botom for the sear. I assumed the front hole was for the factory hk sear (push pin pack) and the rear on was for my conversion sear(catch).

The rear hole apeared to be not factory because it was raw metal and the front hole had a finish in it.

I first installed my sear in the rear(not finished) and had several problems.

The hammer would not cock. It would hit the back of the sear(catch)and would not go back to cock.

The other problem was with the elbow spring. Having the sear in the rear unfinised/non factory hole the elbow spring was too long and would ride on the triger where you finger would go.

I moved the sear to wear I assume the factor sear is suposed to go and the elbow spring fit perfect and the hamer would cock.

I ground off the front of the ejector lever to resemble the .40 lever and took the gun to the range.

The pack seemed to work fine although I had several problems with ejection. I think the fte problems were due to the clone extractor and spring. I have a hk extrtactor and spring and will replace them to see if that helps.

My question is this. Did I put the sear in the right hole?

Why did the gun smith drill a new sear hole if I am not suposed to use it?

I read the hk sear section in my Machine Gun Dealer Bible and it stated the conversion sears used a non factory hole and a shorter elbow spring. My spring looks like a the longer factory spring.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading, you guys are great!