WTS: RCM Hammer Forged HK Barrels, 12-types, MP5/MP5K, HK33/33K/53/53K, G3/G3K/51/51K
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Thread: WTS: RCM Hammer Forged HK Barrels, 12-types, MP5/MP5K, HK33/33K/53/53K, G3/G3K/51/51K

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    Default WTS: RCM Hammer Forged HK Barrels, 12-types, MP5/MP5K, HK33/33K/53/53K, G3/G3K/51/51K

    We have top quality RCM hammer forged barrels in stock and ready to ship! RCM Locking Pieces and Bolt Carriers are also available on our website www.robertrtg.com

    For over ten years RCM's HK barrels have proven to be legendary for there quality and durability.

    9mm RCM Cold Hammer Forged Barrels: MP5, MP5K, SP5K

    RCM MP5K 3-LUG BARREL, 9X19MM, 5.85", CHF $121.95

    RCM MP5K-N BARREL, 9X19MM, 5.85", THREADED 1/2X28, CHF $136.95

    RCM MP5 3-LUG BARREL, 9X19MM, 8.85", CHF $121.95

    RCM MP5-N BARREL, 9X19MM, 8.85", THREADED 1/2X28, CHF $136.95

    5.56mm RCM Cold Hammer Forged 9mm Barrels: HK33, HK33K, HK53, HK53K

    RCM HK53K BARREL, 5.56x45MM, 5.3", CHF $135.71

    RCM HK53 BARREL, 5.56x45MM, 8.275", CHF $135.71

    RCM HK33K BARREL, 5.56x45MM, 12.7", CHF $178.57

    RCM HK33/93 BARREL, 5.56x45MM, 16.1", CHF $178.57

    7.62mm RCM Cold Hammer Forged 9mm Barrels: G3, G3K, HK51, HK51K

    RCM HK51K BARREL, 7.62x51MM, 5.3", CHF $135.71

    RCM HK51 BARREL, 7.62x51MM, 8.375", CHF $135.71

    RCM G3K BARREL, 7.62x51MM, 12.7", CHF $178.57

    RCM G3 HK91 BARREL, 7.62x51MM, 17.7", CHF $234.95

    We also have RCM G3K and 33K extended flash hiders and brakes:

    G3K 33K 4.8 INCH 4-PRONG FLASH HIDER, RCM $99.95

    G3K 33K 4.8 INCH 4-PRONG MUZZLE BRAKE, RCM $99.95

    Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting!
    RTG Parts
    931 Frank St.
    Sheridan, WY 82801
    Phone: 307-675-1191
    facebook: www.facebook.com/RTGParts
    Web: www.rtgparts.com
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    I bought a RCM g3 barrel a while back. It's the nitride one, I'm curious about a guess of how many rounds until unacceptable military accuracy in semi auto fire?

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    I would say more than 10,000 rounds if you stay away from steel case ammo and keep the bore clean.
    The barrel would still shoot just fine many more rounds after that.

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