WTS: Grays Guns P30/2000 Short Reset System
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Thread: WTS: Grays Guns P30/2000 Short Reset System

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    Default WTS: Grays Guns P30/2000 Short Reset System

    SOLD to Irish350


    Purchased the Grays Guns P30/2000 Short Reset System (No thumb safety) SYS-HK-P30_STD for my V3 P30SK, but switched it to a 4.1 LEM. This kit won't work with the V4.1 LEM. Kit comes with control catch, new longer pin that is located on the sear/decocker and reduced firing pin block spring.

    SOLD shipped, PayPal FF/Discrete or USPS Money Order.

    This new product from Grayguns replicates the the short reset conversion for HK pistols found in our custom action work for many years in a convenient, easy to install kit. These parts are a precisely wire EDM cut from precision ground bar stock to exacting tolerances for easy install and exacting fit. They are properly heat treated and coated in a durable nickel PTFE finish for a lifetime of durability and smooth function.

    The kit is engineered to provide several benefits:

    Shortens trigger reset travel distance by approximately 33 percent
    Converts the action to drive the sear directly off the safety lever – instead of transferring energy through the drop safety catch – for a direct drive connection between the trigger bar and sear
    Reduced trigger over travel values
    Maintains all factory safety functions
    Works with both DA/SA and LEM v1, v2 and v3
    Included Grayguns Firing Pin Block Spring reduces stacking in DA pull and lightens trigger pull
    The parts provided – control catch, pin and spring – are designed to be installed together as a complete system.

    Custom-designed Grayguns Control Latch
    Custom replacement Firing Pin Block Spring
    Custom replacement Sear Roll Pin
    Fit Guide
    The kit works with all variants of the HK P30 and P2000 without a thumb safety including:

    Will not work with the v 4.1 LEM trigger.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WTS: Grays Guns P30/2000 Short Reset System-img_5409.jpg   WTS: Grays Guns P30/2000 Short Reset System-img_5410.jpg  
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    I Emailed them, they said it works for P2000SK also but I don't have the cash right now.

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    Did you convert back to V1 LEM and try the GG Latch, to compare it to the V4.1, and prefer 4.1 to the short-reset-mod v1 LEM?

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    I'll take this

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    Question My Grayguns Short Reset kit Is Not Short p2000

    I have successfully installed this kit and the lighter firing block spring. and the lighter trigger return spring and then back to the heaver spring trs. so far the trigger pull is much better But the short reset is no shorter than it was before.
    have I done something wrong? Is this an often observed rookie mistake? Or is there some other part required? Or does the short reset just not result in a short reset in p2000?
    At present trigger resets at the end of travel. DA has about 1/16" take up before engaging the hammer.
    sa is very light take up to the wall now with bout 4.5 or less trigger pull. I'd guess da trigger is about 8-10lbs which is doable. da and sa have the same travel from reset to hammer drop. from hammer drop to reset is exactly the same as it was far as I can tell. however there is almost no over travel Trigger resets just at the end of travel At this point is with the trigger (if it were straight) is right in the middle of the guard.

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