SOLD: G3 wood stock complete, but...
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Thread: SOLD: G3 wood stock complete, but...

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    Default SOLD: G3 wood stock complete, but...

    ... upon refinishing the wood I found a small crack and want to disclose this.
    The stock was completely stripped down, dents steamed and overall lightly sanded.
    There are still a few minor nicks and sanding marks and of course the crack that had to be dealt with.

    I drilled a small hole almost the entire length of the crack and filled it with CA glue using a syringe.
    Additional CA glue was applied to the interior area where the crack was.

    The back plate and recoil assembly was not refinished, has standard buffer.
    Includes black grip and new resin cast butt plate, original phelonic butt plate is included.

    Asking $95 shipped. SOLD hkpsp
    USPS money order, discrete PayPal, gift preferred.

    Additional photos here.





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    Whoever buys this: If you want to sell the black grip, I'll take it off your hands for $20 which will help you offset the (very good) price of the stock. Just PM me if you want to sell that grip.
    Also, I've purchased some of the cast butt plates from @21HK - they are really nicely done. Highly recommended.
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    If I needed the grip, I'd buy the well priced set....then resell what I didn't need.
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    I'll take this.

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