WTS: 9x accessories, MR furniture, 416C kit
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Thread: WTS: 9x accessories, MR furniture, 416C kit

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    Default WTS: 9x accessories, MR furniture, 416C kit

    Hi y'all, I have a bunch of parts and accessories to let go as Im going through the parts bin. Feel free to message for pic requests or questions.

    -9x series/clone ambi trigger pack, with a US box. I think I bought it from HKP as a 9mm pack, you need to add
    an appropriate ejector and possibly swap out the hammer spring(for other calibers). $Withdrawn
    -Ambi selector lever kit $Withdrawn
    -HK-AR housing, I believe these were made by Fleming according to RTG's description $130
    -PTR SF housing took off a K3P w/ proper selector $90
    -RAL8000 v7 grip $55 SOLD TO hkpsp
    -RAL8000 v2 grip $55 SOLD TO hkpsp
    -Dull RAL8000 grip $50 SOLD TO hkpsp
    -Smooth black grip (V?) $50 SOLD TO hkpsp
    -Niw grip with finger rest(the one came with MR rifles) $55 SOLD
    -NOT PICTURED black MR grip with finger rest like new no wrap $50
    -HK sniper grip for MR rifles and AR $150 SOLD TO tunatales
    -HKP stubby grip $25 SOLD TO flybynt
    WTS: 9x accessories, MR furniture, 416C kit-hkpts-1.jpg
    -HK417 charging handle from Brownells parts kit $150
    -417 agb w/sling loop and bayo lug from same kit $400 SOLD to Specwarcom
    -417 gb with bayo lug $150 SOLD TO mit
    -93/33 mag clamp withdrawn
    -93/33 loader $90 SOLD TO Miskwa
    -MP5 a3 fork section modified to tailhook, purchased as-is, no idea who did it or whose adapter it is,
    I believe it was a pof stock. $250
    WTS: 9x accessories, MR furniture, 416C kit-hkpts-2.jpg
    -417 slimline stock Ral8000 $230 SOLD TO landlocked
    -417 slimline stock black $210 SOLD to rdbrown
    -417 Hkey slimline handguard, no integrated frontsight, has N/S marking $500 SOLD TO mit
    -417 extended handguard with cutout for front sight but no front sight installed, out
    of the same parts kit. $400 SOLD TO tunatales
    WTS: 9x accessories, MR furniture, 416C kit-hkpts-3.jpg
    416C kit, with stock, complete bcg, two proprietary buffer springs, one 416 ambi sling loop plate which I believe can be
    drilled to accompodate the stock fork. The bolt head is original HK, looks like it was lightly used.
    HKP 9 inch barrel kit with proper length guide rod, and vgb installed. I had a local shop to assemble it into whole urg with
    a new stripped upper receiver and dead air keymo brake, along with engraving to match a new stripped BRN-4 lower I have.
    The whole setup was never fired and the lower is included to whoever purchase the kit as a whole. The lower has 416 markings engraved.
    $3800-Willing to split, $2800 for stock kit plus bcg, $1,000 for the URG w/o lower
    WTS: 9x accessories, MR furniture, 416C kit-hkpts-4.jpg

    Lastly not pictured I have a G36E piston rod, $60

    Would accept 30rd/40rd HK93/33/53 mags as trades.
    All prices include shipping, reasonable offers welcome.
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    I'll take the ral8000 and smooth black grips
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    I'll take 417 slimline stock Ral8000 $230

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    Sent pm on ambi selector

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    I'll take this: HKP stubby grip $25

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    2nd Dibs on the RAL 417 slimline stock.

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    posting as per our earlier PM at 3:09pm that you wanted me to post in thread for my confirmation to take this item,

    I will take this

    -HKP stubby grip $25
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    Withdrawn. Thanks for clarifying.
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    I’ll take the V7 RAL if it’s not already sold

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