Chantill P7M8 (Standard trigger)
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Thread: Chantill P7M8 (Standard trigger)

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    Default Chantill P7M8 (Standard trigger)

    Chantill P7M8 (Standard trigger)-m8.jpg
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    I have an excellent shape Chantilly P7M8 marked 1988. The condition is 98%, with MINIMAL wear. I purchased this about 4 or so months ago, and acquired an M13 shortly after that. I hate to sell it, but I've only shot it twice. I've never carried it, and it just sits around. I know its sacrilegious, however I have a hard time justifying guns that just sit. In any event, the gun comes with two mags, both HK made. One marked II to match the gun, and the other IH I believe...I'd have to double check on that. No box or manual etc. But I will ship it in a hard shell case. Looking for $2300 shipped, or local pick up in Muncie IN.

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    Is this still for sale ?

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