WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry
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Thread: WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry

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    Default WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry

    WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry-7fc98638-06c7-4c94-ac99-2c3ad1fadf0c.jpeg
    WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry-2b021392-d345-4228-8aa1-872b538462c2.jpeg
    WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry-459bf2c1-7476-4efa-9fa7-517db56fcff0.jpeg
    WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry-951a6959-e8db-4d65-a2cd-32a336dc97fd.jpeg
    WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry-6fb55f29-5bf6-4bbc-98e6-3e62a2722ced.jpeg
    WTS: P7M10...Shooter/Carry-c90838ca-1cd2-4f15-9600-6bf4a0f5b50e.jpeg

    Hello. Here’s a P7M10 that you can use.
    Just enough finish wear that you won’t mind putting it in a holster but you’ll still be inclined to spend some admiration time with it at the end of the day.
    $3400 shipped
    Thanks for looking!
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    What accessories does it come with? Original box, manual, mags, warranty card, carbon scraper, cleaning brush, etc. ?

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    Hello. WYSIWYG.
    2 mags and a manual.

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