Up for sale is a .40 S&W USP Expert, that has been sent to Lazy Wolf Guns with competition purposes in mind. This pistol is currently fitted with an LEM trigger along with Rick Holm's famous MRAP package. The pistols internal action parts have been coated with Robar's nickel finish, and the handgun is sporting a green fiber optic front sight from Dawson Precision. This USP Expert has an "AI" date code, and has only seen 600 rounds. Two translucent 16 round magazines will be included, along with the spent case and all the other literature that comes in the original HK plastic storage box. The price on this package is firmly set at $1400. This would make an excellent USPSA HK handgun, and it's pretty impressive to feel the full potential of a finely tuned LEM trigger.

As per request, Rick has tuned the pull weight of the trigger down to around 3 pounds. With that being said, this firearm will function at it's best when you are using lighter primers. Just like a competition 1911.