Cleaning the VP9
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Thread: Cleaning the VP9

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    Default Cleaning the VP9

    I have been cleaning weapons regularly 30 years. I am still learning. Came across this video by Navyman8903 (yes, I am a subscriber) and thought it, along with the video comments, valuable. Not sure if the reference library is the correct place for it but it belongs somewhere, in my opinion, given the number of new gun owners and questions asked on this forum. So thanks Navyman8903 for responding to the requests by others for insight and help, I hope others find this useful.
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    Yes, and agree.
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    Thanks for posting this. I definitely over lubed mine. Need to open it up and clean up the excess.
    I didn't grease it first and the slide got hung up (VP9) a few times. Could be ammo related too.

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