MP5SD – Barrel port brush/tool build
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Thread: MP5SD – Barrel port brush/tool build

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    Default MP5SD – Barrel port brush/tool build

    Nothing beats the right tool for the job, but sometimes it can be smart to make your own if you can and save a lot of money.

    I’ve seen this factory brush for sale costing approximately $120.00. That’s just too much in my opinion.


    These three items were bought at the local big box home improvement store (The orange one) in the plumbing section for under $10.00 total. If you assemble them correctly, you’ll end up with a nice tool to clean those pesky barrel ports on the SD’s.


    1 - Open up the hole (drill) on the back of the 1/2" pipe thread cleaner tool so the barrel can slide all the way through.



    2- Use a pick to pry out the inner plastic ring. This will allow for more surface area (deeper fit) for the cement to adhere to once you insert the pipe.


    3 - Use a Q-tip to apply the PVC cement into the inner portion of the thread cleaner tool.


    4 - Insert the pipe and apply more cement around the outer seam to ensure a good bond. Allow it to set-up for 24 hrs.


    5- Cut the pipe to a 1' length to match the factory suppressor. Use some sandpaper to rough up the outer surface of the pipe so the paint will adhere better. Be sure to wipe clean the pipe with some alcohol and use masking tape if you want to leave the brush portion red.


    6- Give the paint a few hours to dry and add your favorite sticker to make it look official. Now your ready to attack that carbon build up on those SD barrel ports.




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    Check out the mad skills from Alden!


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    That is cool❗️I will be making one for my SD.

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    My buddy made me one like that. It works great and you don?t have to use your SD can as the handle.

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    Made one today. Cost me $5 and it only took me a year to get around to doing it.
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    Love this tool but wish someone made a brush end that was 1/4” or 3/8” so you could put it in the other end of the tool and use it to clean the outside of the barrel before the ports.

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    I’d be willing to commission you to build one. Lol

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    Excellent work!!!


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    Thumbs up

    Excellent tutorial.

    Just made two of them (smallest section of pipe you can buy is 2 feet). I'll paint them tomorrow. Going to put the stickers midway on the tube where my grubby paws won't mess them up. I may even step up this game and put grip-tape towards the end of the tube and attach a bottle opener:)

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