Evolution of USC markings
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Thread: Evolution of USC markings

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    Default Evolution of USC markings

    The USC was made from 2000 to 2013 and then re-released in 2019 for a limited run. This is a discussion to show the evolution of the markings on the carbine over time. This is in response to some questions about differences between "new" (2019) and "old" (original run) carbines. Right now I'm just placing some pics in here. More details in text will follow. So this is a post under construction, but it should show you some basic differences to help you assess differences in markings. Most notably, the placement of markings on the barrel moved from the muzzle end to the part closest to the frame and then added the serial number. Still working out exactly when that happened, so all of you with 2001-2009 USCs please send me a IM and a picture if you are so inclined so I can determine when the switch on the barrels was made (unless you already know @AGG ).

    Evolution of USC markings-slide1.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide2.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide3.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide4.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide5.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide6.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide7.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide8.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide9.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide10.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide11.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide12.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide13.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide14.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide15.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide16.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide17.jpg

    Evolution of USC markings-slide18.jpg

    One thing not addressed here is fonts. That's kind of subjective and I don't have the talent to sit there and compare fonts of the text, so I mostly stayed away from that.
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    Post holder for more info.

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    omega21, thank you for taking the time to putting this together - very well done!

    As you know, I recently had listed one for sale and received questions regarding any differences in the earlier release vs. the new - this answers it!

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    Excellent pictorial!!!
    No data on the USC.


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    Interesting info. Thanks for sharing!

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