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Thread: USP/C to LEM with safety instructions

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    Yes it will work.

    Just reuse your old Hammer Axle and Control Lever.

    The safety works with the hook on the Control Latch and the notch in the Control Lever's axle.

    The decocker works with the tab on the old sear, but I am not sure if using decocking with the LEM will cause damage to the gun or not, so I advise to NOT use the old sear. As long as you have the new sear installed you can not decock. The lever will move down but nothing will happen. I would also spend the $10 to get a 5+6 detent plate, makes safety feel more solid by getting rid of the decocking position.

    Also note that older guns (USPs for sure) using newer style hammers with the old style catches will cause the weapon to fire when decocked. A hammer drop may have the same result. For safety sake be sure to get a new style catch if your LEM kit does not have one. HK sent me one free of charge. See image below if you have any questions.

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    It shouldnt fire on decock or hammer drop because of the firing pin block. However, it is a layer of redundancy that should be there; so definite +1 to the above info which needs to be added to the OP on both of these USP LEM threads as the new kits are no longer coming with the right catch for the older USPs.
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    Great 'how to'. I was able to do this successfully - with a 1/16 punch.

    Used the 1/16 punch to hold back the spring while installing the sear -- just have to let it back gently so that it'll rest on the back part of the sear -- facing the hammer.

    Purchased the kit from hk parts. net and also the V5/9 detent plate so there would be no down movement on the decock -- works great.

    Trigger pull is amazing using the stock hammer spring -- now if I can only figure out how to take out some of the initial take up.

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    Pretty sure this took me twice as long as going from V1 to LEM. But it works....

    Then I threw in the LEM kit hammer spring to see how I like that.

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