Info for new HK shooters
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Thread: Info for new HK shooters

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    Default Info for new HK shooters

    Koch is pronounced: Coke

    HK sight picture

    HK uses the "Dead on hold", Point of Impact will be BEHIND the front sight when sights are aligned.



    Best night sights are from
    Trjicon Bright & Tough™ Night Sights


    Products and Services | TRUGLO, Inc.

    Second most important accessory is...................................MORE MAGAZINES!!!! :D

    Yes they are $30+ but you knew what you were getting yourself into and the more you have the better. Various places have deals on new HK mags. Some people here have had good and bad experiences with them.

    Midway USA
    Cals sporting armory

    Me, I've bought all my mags new at gun shows for $40 each for my USP 9 and USPC 40/357Sig

    If anyone else knows of a good deal on new or used mags feel free to post.

    If you have a standard USP 9/40/45; HK45/HK45C; USPC 45 the HK threaded barrels is just a swap. Nothing else is needed. Only o-rings for the barrels that have them.

    P2000 .40S&W owners can swap out their barrel for a 357Sig barrel and vice versa.
    P2000SK owners can do the same thing.
    BUT ONLY FOR .40S&W AND 357 Sig!!!! not 9mm versions!!!!

    Factory barrels

    If anyone else knows who else sells new HK factory barrels please post.

    Aftermarket barrels
    6.8 remington by Jarvis Inc.

    Trigger work
    Bruce Gray of Gray guns and I forgot the other guys name who also does trigger work. oops.

    Numrich Gun Parts Corporation

    Good and bad ammo. Lets hear your experiences!!!

    Lead ammo
    There are people out there who do shoot lead bullets out of their factory HK barrel. If you have a PROPERLY hard cast and PROPERLY lubed lead bullet then shooting lead won't be a problem. Anyone who shoots lead knows that keeping the handgun properly cleaned is essential to keep lead fouling down. Consult a lead shooter if you have questions.

    Weapon mounted lights and adapter for HK USP/C
    GG&G (adapter, the USPC adapter will fit on a USP)

    Raven concealment

    That's all I remember lol. Post others for CCW use and duty use if they aren't listed.

    Sticky request please. :)
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    Holsters-Milt Sparks, TT Gunleather, Ritchie, Alessi, Rosen, Occidental, Raven Concealment, Atomic Dog
    Ammo-Winchester Ranger, Federal HST, Speer Gold Dot
    Mag Source-CDNN, Cross Creek Guns
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    Thanks for all the info

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    awesome info.

    For mags, like apollo said CDNN is probably going to be the cheapest online. If you wait to buy on the weekends they lower their shipping to 5.99.

    I just ordered a USP 45 and regarding your info on sight picture, are there any night sights that you can buy to change the hold point?

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    Great info. I have a variant 1 USP, did not know to cover the target with the front sight post. I always center mass hold. I did know about the pronounciation though.
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    Thanks for the info! I just bought a USP 9mm variant 1 today! I can't wait to hit the range! Great info on the dead on hold sight picture. I would have beat myself up until I figured out why I was shooting too low!

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    Well done! Great into!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tater2 View Post
    Well, I guess the grinder to the front sight of the Full size USP Tactical .45 I have ordered and it might shoot center mass..
    No need, your full size 45 USP Tactical does indeed have adjustable sights for windage and elevation. Learn proper technique and practice. I find that 2/3rds dry firing (w/ snap caps) and 1/3rd live range practice works for me.

    At first the DA pull may be harder than expected, but it will smooth out with repeated snap cap dry firing (then you'll start thinking about LEM).


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    Nice post TY

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    Hello to all. Just joined although I have owned and used an H&K USP-C .40 for about 10 years. QUESTION: I did today post on Saddlery link a WTS for an H&K Mitch Rosen holster, with pictures. It was deleted. Any idea why? John

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