Slide lubrication and protection
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Thread: Slide lubrication and protection

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    Default Slide lubrication and protection

    The P30 manual indicates very few places that need oiling after cleaning. The European version of the manual indicates that in the frame, only the slide 4 rails need a drop of oil.

    Regarding the slide, the main parts to oil are indicated as the slide rails. But is it necessary or recommended to oil the inside of the slide, then wipe out any excess, to corrosion-protect the slide?

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    I put a drop on my finger and then spread it around the slide inside and out....doesn't hurt anything unless you are in an environment that would attract a lot of dust and dirt.

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    Here is a video by Navyman. It's a good watch and will answer Your question.

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    Use a light oil like Winchester with the green label. Hold the assembled slide vertically with a slight angle. Then run two drops down each slide grove until it runs to the other end.

    For corrosion protection, I like using those Winchester oil wipes. After a range soot, I'll field strip and use one wipe on the inside on the slide, on the top surface of the barrel (NEVER inside the barrel) and on the retention clip end of the recoil spring assembly. Then reassemble and use the rest of the wipe on the outside of the slide. This works well if you can't get to cleaning the firearm right away.

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