usp noobie here
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Thread: usp noobie here

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    Default usp noobie here

    new to the boards, long time shooter/hunter/collector. Coming to boards looking for preferences/info/reviews on various calibers of the usp.
    any tips are much appreciated~

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    Welcome to the site--- the USP45FS (Variant 1) is my preference!!!


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    Heyas Linux, welcome to the site, and hopefully soon to a new HK owner too! :)
    Variant 1 was my choice as well. I liked having the DA/SA plus the safety/decocker on mine, since a lot of times I would take out somebody who hadn't done a lot of shooting, and I preferred to run them through some basics, before we hit the range. Therefore, how to handle a gun with a safety, lol. Tho I will say that I didn't carry it cocked and locked, just 15+1 and uncocked.
    Mine had been .40. Fantastic shooting gun, the way the recoil and the trigger worked together, she was difficult to keep on the leash, and respect my range's limit of one shot per second!! I will say tho, that if I'd found one for the same price that I paid (got a real deal on a used one) that I probly woulda gone with 9mm instead. Just general personal taste. For a carry gun, 9mm comes back on target faster for me, and doesn't leave that twinge in my ears like a bigger .40 does, lol.
    Regardless of caliber, they're great pistols. The Seals used them for years.

    Quite a few people will recommend getting a LEM or LEM modification to the trigger. From my understanding, that makes it a lot like having a striker fire trigger on a hammer gun. Haven't owned or shot one, so I can't give an opinion, haha.

    As far as all of the different variants, THAT gets kinda confusing. There's so many! And there's a bunch of different models as well!
    So my first recommendation, is have in mind what Use the pistol will be serving. That goes a long way in deciding what variant and caliber you want for the gun.
    Price and availability can also be a factor as well. Like I said, I was looking for 9mm when I got my 40, but I got a steal on the price, so I pulled the trigger. One thing that I might add in tho, if you're thinking about getting a .40 and getting an aftermarket .357sig barrel, go with a USP compact. I've been up for almost 14 hours straight, so I can't remember what the issue was with the FS USP, but there was reliability issues when doing the conversion. The compacts did not have that problem.

    But'll love the USP, regardless of what you get!
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    I own the standard USP40 and USP45 in full and compact sizes. All are DA/SA factory. Despite the negatives about the DA pull, I've learned to shoot it, and quite enjoy it. I've also shot the LEM triggers for these guns, and must admit, I'll eventually convert some of my USPs, because the LEM is so much easier to shoot. Try both trigger systems if they're available. Either way, you can't go wrong. The USPs are outstanding weapons, and quite versatile. Let's us know what you decide.
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    I recently purchased a used 40 S &W USP40 compact with the stainless slide and love it, I can shoot it just as good as my black block gun that I've had for 20 years.

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    Depends on what you want to do with it or use it for. .45 is great to silence as the regular ball 230gr is subsonic, not that 147gr 9mm is that expensive.
    Looking for BG P30L V3 9mm & BG USP 9 Expert

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    The USP9 is actually the first gun I ever shot in my life! But not my first purchased gun:P Anyways I now own a USP45, USP9w/light lem and USP9tac, I really like the way my
    USP45 shoots, surprisingly the recoil is way less than I expected, and not much different when compared to my USP9. In general I think you will like it, if you can get used to
    its mag release that is, somebody might have mentioned it above but for me it feels natural to eject the mags with trigger finger rather than thumb.

    I really hope it got an update to include pic rails, its much nicer than P30 imho.

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    Usp 9 LEM match hybrid!

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