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    Default KK USP inspection

    I recently got my hands on my first HK; A Police Trade in USP .45. Its definitely been used in the last 19 years, but I can't find anything extremely concerning. I was wondering if anyone else sees anything I don't? My biggest concern is the worn right side grip, that I plan covering with some Talon grips, there was a little bit of surface rust under the baseplates (one of which is cracked, so I'll be replacing) of the magazines, and the retaining pin for the docker is kinda easy to push out of place (though it doesn't drop free so I don't think it's an issue)

    KK USP inspection-20180917_192058.jpgKK USP inspection-20180917_192105.jpgKK USP inspection-20180917_192113.jpgKK USP inspection-20180917_192038.jpgKK USP inspection-20180917_192141.jpgKK USP inspection-20180917_192051.jpgKK USP inspection-20180917_192119.jpgKK USP inspection-20180917_192133.jpg

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    There is not much you can do about the Sear Axle (the one that you referred to as retaining pin for the decocker). Sounds like the area on the frame where the pin sits is worn/enlarged and replacing it with a new pin may not solve the problem.

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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on your first USP!!!
    The USP45 is built tough--- range report, upon completion.


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