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Thread: Got the tables turned on me

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    Welcome from So. IL!

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    I came over from Sig to HK myself, I'm down to only one Sig pistol left a P227, I have 4 pistols and 1 rifle all HK, when the bug bit me it bit me hard, the sickness is real but very rewarding I haven't looked back and I'm sure you wont either, a P30 is on my list as well, I held one about 3 months ago and it was just like you said the grip alone is what sold me on the gun it's like it just melted in my hand. About a month ago I held a HK45 and it gave me the same impression, the grip on it is amazing as well, it is also on my long list of HK's to buy lol. Like I said the sickness is very real. Welcome to the world of HK my HK brother.

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    Heyas New2! Welcome to the site! Congratulations on the purchase! And welcome to the club of those of us who have taken the RednBlack pill. Yes, it is addictive, and yes we are a group of enablers, hahaha.

    I might recommend that while you're breaking it in, feed her some 124 grain for about 200-300 rounds. That's assuming that you bought a 9mil. After that, she should eat just about darn near anything that you give her.
    They don't need much in the way of maintenance. If you're habitual about cleaning your guns, that's ok. But these really don't need it up until about 2k on the round count unless something gets gunked up. A little bit of oil now and then and they're good to go :)
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by bastardsonofelvis Hidden Content
    Some people whine that HK doesn't put things out fast enough -- the same people that whine when something is put out before it's perfect. Some people just like to whine.

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    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome to the site (I mainly lurk, as you can see...). Having felt both the P320 and the HK P30, I will say the P30 feels part of my hand and just "feels right". But I also like the Sig P320 as well (plus the modularity in frames, barrels, caliber is fantastic). Welcome to the world of HK. In a few years you'll have an MP and G3 clone (or two, or three) in your safe like everyone else.

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    Welcome to the site and the world of HK. As you have discovered, the power is strong. Tic tock tic tock tic tock... Have your second one yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by New2HK's View Post
    I tried to convert an HK guy into a Sig guy , not really as I believe in carrying what you want. Anyway read on.
    A friend and I spend time at the range together. I have mostly Sig's and he mostly has HK's.
    Went to a show recently and on our way home stopped in at a big shop that has an indoor range. Everyone but one fellow was carrying HK's. We started chatting and one of them asked if I wanted to try one out, so I jumped at the chance. Upon handling it, I knew I was in trouble.

    Anyway... to make a long story short I shot an HK P30/LEM... it felt like it was molded for my hand... shot it well too.
    So by the end of the day I ended up traveling 30 minutes home and 30 minutes back to the shop to sacrifice a Sig for my new HK P30/LEM.
    I don't want to admit... yet, that it's the new #1.
    I know the molded feeling. It's almost as if HK broke in to your house while you were sleeping and used your very own hand for the mold when they designed the pistol. Definitely helps with shooting and confidence wielding the pistol. I shoot my VP9sk really well one handed, right handed, left handed, both handed, under handed (ok, not under handed). ;)
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