Got the tables turned on me
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Thread: Got the tables turned on me

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    Default Got the tables turned on me

    I tried to convert an HK guy into a Sig guy , not really as I believe in carrying what you want. Anyway read on.
    A friend and I spend time at the range together. I have mostly Sig's and he mostly has HK's.
    Went to a show recently and on our way home stopped in at a big shop that has an indoor range. Everyone but one fellow was carrying HK's. We started chatting and one of them asked if I wanted to try one out, so I jumped at the chance. Upon handling it, I knew I was in trouble.

    Anyway... to make a long story short I shot an HK P30/LEM... it felt like it was molded for my hand... shot it well too.
    So by the end of the day I ended up traveling 30 minutes home and 30 minutes back to the shop to sacrifice a Sig for my new HK P30/LEM.
    I don't want to admit... yet, that it's the new #1.
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    And let's not turn this into a versus discussion. Welcome to the dark side...

    Wondering what happened to your posts???
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You have now embarked on the Red & Black road. it's along journey and along the way you willingly empty your wallet but in the end your collection of HK firearms will be impressive.

    You will know you are truly have the Red & Black disease when you find yourself selling or trading in all your other brand and replace them with HK. I did.

    Again, welcome to the HK ENABLERS forum.
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    Welcome to H&K! Congrats on your new purchase, that’s a solid pistol. Ergonomics of that line are unparalleled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightgrain View Post
    And let's not turn this into a versus discussion. Welcome to the dark side...
    Thanks for the welcome and no sir... not at all trying to make a competition out of it and since I have both they can share (I read the rules but if I steer sideways some, please let me know 'til I catch on well). Like them all but just wanted to share a funny story.
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    Thanks all, glad to be aboard. I knew of HK but never fired one until then. I can see more in the future.

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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on your first, HK sidearm (and conversion )!!!


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    Congrats and welcome, it's a positive addiction.

    Had same scenario, a new gun buddy and I go to the range. He has a couple of modern Blocks, I bring VP9L, VP9, HK45 and P30SK....long story short, after shooting my HKs, there are some Blocks for just happens.
    VP9 - all 4 of them :-)
    P30SK v3
    HK45 V1 German Made
    HK45 V7 US built
    HK45 V1 US built
    HK45C V7 OD
    HK 45C V1 German Made

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    Like you, I held an HK for all of 5 seconds before I knew I was in trouble :)
    Overconfidence erodes vigilance.

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    Now go try out a quality MP5 variant and you will be well and truly f'd

    *Locked out of my original AKR account...

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