I recently purchased a G3 bolt head that is listed as being from the Enfield Armaments in England circa 1988. It looks very clean and well finished. I have heard a couple versions of its origin. One was they were from demilled GB G3 rifles that were manufactured in their entirety in GB. I always thought that the British went straight from the Enfield MK 4 to the FN FAL. Did they indeed make and use their own G3's? The other story was that HK wanted to sell rifles to some other country that was fighting a war and because of international export rules they were banned. So Germany made the rifle, disassembled them, sent them to England, Enfield proofed the parts ( Crown stamp is present on bolt head) then England sold them to the warring parties. Both stories sound a little off. Anyone have the real deal on the origin / quality of English proofed G3 bolt heads? Big thanks to all.