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    Default New here

    Hi everyone, new to this forum and to the world of HK. I'm a big SIG fan- have owned a Mk 25, a p365, and an Emperor Scorpion 1911, and I currently own a Legion 229 that I just got milled for an RMR (also my first optic on a handgun). Clearly, I'm also a fan of hammer fired guns.

    I came very close to buying a PTR several months back, before seeing some reviews that they jam a lot. I'm hoping the PSA MP5 comes out soon, as I'm not really a huge rifle/braced pistol guy but the mp5 is really cool. Also a big fan of the UMP, mostly because of the shot at the end of Casino Royale. I haven't spent much time browsing the forum yet, so I don't know how many braced pistol UMP clones are out there, but it's something I'm curious about.

    Give me some advice! What's a good starter HK pistol? Hammer fired, preferably. For reference, I like to collect guns that don't overlap in terms of purpose, and my current collection is listed in my signature. Also, my dream gun and 2020 goal is to pick up a p7m8, in case that was what you were going to recommend.
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    HK hammer fired pistol, no big surprise for most, but it would be a USP. The deviation from here would be on which one. Have you heard of the SP5? That might be something to consider instead of waiting for PSA.
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    Looking for BG P30L V3 9mm & BG USP 9 Expert

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    Your hammer fired choices are relatively limited; the USP line, P2000 line, P30 line, HK45 (and Compact) are your options. ANY of them will serve you well. The USP is the flagship and a fan favorite. I'd recommend starting there.

    The SP5 has been a long time coming and is on my short list. I have the SP5K and is one of my favorites across the board. I have a PTR9CT and it's done fine, but once I have an SP5 in the safe, the PTR will probably be sold.
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    Given your listed collection and assuming your CQB and Carry are 45acp, consider the USP45 tactical.
    You get the match trigger standard and have the option of using a suppressor with the standard threaded o-ring barrel.
    Don't want to suppress, consider the USP45 Expert with standard match trigger and o-ring barrel.

    Or just get both. Welcome
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    Welcome to the site--- USP45FS (Variant 1)--- and maybe the newly-released SIG M17 (surplus)!!!


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    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome to the forum. I agree with what has been said previously. Go the USP line first. I promise you will add to your collection.
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    Yup, USP first. That’s what I did anyway.
    And welcome.
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    I love Sigs also and went down the HK Rabbit hole too. I have a HK45c,P2000,USP,and and an Expert. I like the Expert first and then the regular USP second. The P2000 and 45c have been stellar but there is something about the USP that is special.

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    Welcome aboard.
    Be very careful here. These jokers will talk you into buying every HK you see.
    Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing some pictures of the HKs you decide to buy.
    My opinion's as worthy as one from any other doddering old grampa you have never met or heard of.

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