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Thread: New Member from Texas

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    Default New Member from Texas

    Greetings all. I'm making my initial post here. I hail from Houston these days. I'm an older guy, been into guns most of my life. I am the proud owner of a VP9 which was the encouragement I needed to jump fully back into this loved hobby. I've always had 3 rifles and 6 pistols in their spots, but have been reinvigorated since the VP9 purchase.

    Look forward to the exchange of information.

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    Welcome, I’ve owned a few HK’s but I just started browsing here recently trying to pick up some knowledge.

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    Welcome from a fellow Texan, and congratulations on your purchase

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    Welcome from DFW.
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    Welcome to the forum from West Texas. You have embarked on a journey on the Red & Black road. It's a long journey and along the way you will find that you empty your wallet on occasion. However, in the end you will have a really nice collection of HK Firearms.

    Again, welcome to the HK ENABLERS FORUM...
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    Welcome from Michigan
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    Welcome from another Texan. We're up in Frisco so if you're ever in our area get in touch with us and we'll catch up. We travel to Houston pretty frequently so may see you soon! Enjoy the addiction!

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    Welcome, from the Hill Country.
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    Greetings from the Metromess, errr, I mean Metroplex.
    Mrs. Peel, we're needed.

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