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Thread: New guy from Ohio

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    Default New guy from Ohio

    So I'm new here. Going to pick up my vp9sk tomorrow. When I grab it I'll put up some pictures :D

    My previous experience with pistols:
    I started with a. Taurus. It's actually a tank. Almost as reliable as anything else I've ever handled, I've got over 6k rounds with only a handful of non induced failures.
    Following that i own a SIG p250. It's been my baby for the last 4 years and the only thing that I've carried, or done any significant training with during that time. I bought it used and have 10k rounds give or take with 2 failures, one due to limp wristing from my wife.

    I have handled many other pistols including Walthers, Glocks, Berretas, various other SIGs, the hellcat, a Bersa or two, and several caniks. In the time I've been shooting, ive managed to only shoot one HK. A VP9SK at a range the other day during my decision making process for my new carry piece.

    Well I look forward to the discussions! Anyone have any questions?

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    Welcome to HKPro from Minnesota, Flight567. You definitely made an absolute great choice with your new carry firearm; and I also think you will find what your looking for in this great tool we have here with HKPRO. You will definitely be able to find or locate anything HK related here, whatever it may be, as we have a bunch of absolute great people on board here at HKPro. Again, Welcome.

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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on your first, HK sidearm!!!


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    Welcome aboard.
    Your Sig P250 should have given you great DAO trigger control and experience.
    You could have a smooth transition to a HK pistol in V7 or V2 Lem as compared to those liking the V1 or light LEM.
    If the grip is too small for you on the SK model, consider giving it to your wife.
    A HK compact in USP or P2000 may also fit your carry needs while having more capacity.

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    Welcome! I'm originally from Cleveland, OH. Miss it!

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    Welcome to the board. Not in pistols that much but if your HK interests move on to subguns and beltfeds probably could
    help you. In the meantime here is a pic for your enjoyment.

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    Welcome to the site from your neighbor to the north in Michigan!

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    Welcome, also from Ohio!

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    Welcome from NE OH.
    HK - No Compromise

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    Welcome from another Buckeye! You will enjoy the site....lots of great advice from very experienced folks.

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