An introduction and a new P2000SK V2 in 9.
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Thread: An introduction and a new P2000SK V2 in 9.

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    Default An introduction and a new P2000SK V2 in 9.

    Hello, I'm Dennis from Northern California. I went in to buy some ammo a few days ago and was informed I'd be out of luck. Not because they didn't have any, but it's going fast. But because I haven't bought a new weapon in over 20 years. I'm just not in the new tracking data base. I was told the quickest way to get into the system was to go to California's "CFAR" website and register one of my guns. I should be good to go in a few days. A few days go by and still no joy.
    I decide it's time to get into the system, pick up a new gun and just wait out the ten days. I went looking for a Sig 229 or perhaps a 320 in 9mm. My old 92f is a bit big for my wife and I wanted something she felt more comfortable with. I was thinking of a compact, or sub compact. Well, there were no Sigs to be found. But I picked up a P2000sk and really liked it. I've never owned an HK of any type. But I've heard of them, and their reputation for building reliable guns. I liked the feel and balance and just said yes and put my money down. I was in a bit of a hurry because I needed to make a doctors appointment. I started with all the testing and paperwork. So much BS just to get back up to date.
    I get home and start reading about my latest impulse buy. I have the V2. I wasn't sure I'd like this at first, but after some reading, it seems like I may be happier with it. I'm still not sure what sights it has. Are the "Meprolight Night Sights" shipped from the factory on some guns? Mine may have these but I'm not sure.
    I've always just killed the paper targets with FMJ ammo. But I was thinking of trying something more aggressive in this gun. Is there anything I should stay away from, or look for? Something that will help me get to my second and third shot easier?

    Sorry to be so long winded on my first post here
    Kind regards

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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the acquisition!!!
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    Part No. 709302LE‐A5, UPC 642230245280 – P2000 SK (V2) LEM DAO, three 10rd magazines and night sights – MSRP $929

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    Welcome to the forum. You have embarked on a journey on the Red & Black road. It's a long journey and you will empty you wallet occasionally. But you end up with a nice collection of HK firearms.

    Again, welcome to the HK Enablers forum.

    Yeah, ammo is starting to get a little scarce for a while. good luck with your new pistol - hope you like it
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    Thanks for the warm welcomes. I wasn't too happy about the mag release with my initial quick inspection. I've read I'm not alone here. I ordered an "HK45C" mag release for it today. $12.5 after tax and shipping. It seems like an easy mod. I was gonna order another spring too (just in case). The springs are out of stock right now. I'll just have to be careful when doing it. I looked at extra mags too. $50 for a single mag seems a bit steep. Are there any worth while alternatives?

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    I've got my eye on a p2000sk with a LEM trigger. Mine will not be new, but I'll treat it fairly and make sure it's well taken care of.
    Congrats on your purchase!

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    Welcome from OH!
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