Where to buy a HK UMP 9MM
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Thread: Where to buy a HK UMP 9MM

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    Default Where to buy a HK UMP 9MM

    I’m looking to import a HK Ump 9MM to Brazil, I have all the documentation needed and wanted to check comparison prices. I’m currently paying around $8-9k to my provider here for a brand new UMP 9mm, and Ive been looking into buying the gun myself in the United States and importing it through my provider to save some money if possible. How much would an UMP 9mm go for in the U.S? (I have no interest in modifying an USC .45 as many do mainly because I don’t have the skills necessary for this, I’m just a farmer who is arming himself legally after over a decade of prohibition).

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    The 9mm HK UMP is very rare in the US in private hands, even the original HK 9mm parts are near impossible to find and if you do find them the prices are super high, just for the 9mm bolt alone... the last one I saw sold for 1K a couple of years ago not see anything in 9mm HK made for sale since then.

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    If I were you, as I understand it, I'd see about importing a TBT TMP 9mm.

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    My guess is you will find export/import in an ITAR world quite slow, expensive and likely frustrating. Good luck, I thinking having a reliable self-defense weapon in Brazil is everyday more of a “must”.

    You looking for a FA UMP?

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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on a bit of freedom in your country!!!


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    MARSTAR in Canada may be helpful.

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