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Thread: New to H&K, want more, have 2 questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by IANative View Post
    Is the P2Ksk not an option in Kali?
    The P2000 sk-V2 and the P2000 sk-V3 ARE options. I did not specify those separately from the P2000 series just like I didn't mention all the variations of the USP on the idiotic Roster in CA.
    The problem is more of an IF you can find it right now sort of thing.

    Purchasing a handgun in Kalifornia is a bit more involved than in the free world.
    1) The purchaser must have a firearm safety certificate (Take a 30 question basic firearm knowledge test that includes some basic CA firearms legal questions and pay the state their tax labeled fees for the test.) This can be done at the point of sale before the sale unless the buyer is rather ignorant or stupid.

    2a) NEW firearms purchases must be on the CA Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in the State of CA. This was initially billed and passed as a safety roster but it is IN FACT a means of gun control to limit what a citizen may purchase. In order to be listed the firearm mush meat certain size requirements, must not have certain attributes that might put it in the evil Assault Weapon Class, must pass a safety test done by an independantly approved lab for which the manufacturer must pay for the test, pay for a certain amount of ammunition to be delivered for the test through an expensive system, Must deliver two handguns one for the test and one for the CA DoJ library of firearms. The test is destructive in nature i.e. once tested you can't sell the firearm as anything but distressed aka beaten and bashed or scratched and dented. THEN if the firearm passes the test the manufacturer must pay listing fees which are a recurring tariff so that it can be sold in the state of california. NOTE: since Kamala Harris was Atty General in CA any semi-auto handgun added to the list MUST employ microstamping technology. THERE HAVE BEEN ZERO Semi-auto handguns added since that requirement. ANOTHER thing Kamala pulled while AG was she decided that if any part of the firearm changed in ANY way since it was tested it would have to be retested AND it would have to include microstamping. This means if the manufacturer changed the supplier of a spring or if they used an improved material on any part, any change at all and the whole thing has to be recertified and this time with microstamping. There have been MANY firearms that have fallen off the roster as they have been phased out of production or as the manufacturers have decided it is not profitable to sell them in CA OR as the manufacturer has changed suppliers/subcontractors for any part that goes into the firearm.

    Here is the Roster:

    2b) IF the firearm you want is NOT on the Roster then your only recourse is usually to find someone who already owns one AND who resides in the state of CA who is willing to sell it to you. That means a used gun. That also means either a LEO who has decided he no longer wants/needs, one he purchased 'off list', or finding a seller who moved into CA but already owned the firearm or if the firearm was sold to someone BEFORE there was a list or BEFORE the firearm fell off of the list. As you might guess this is a rather limited pool and prices tend to be much higher inside CA than outside CA. (Another option is a family transfer but those are likewise rather limited and a pain and can be expensive regarding getting the firearm as well and not everyone has living direct ancestors living outside of CA who can buy something for them.)

    2c) You CAN order in as long as it is on the Roster and your receiving dealer is ok with that. Many dealers don't like to deal with you buying something they can order and most won't be at all happy if it is already on their shelf. Fees for that service vary. I've seen them as low as $25 on top of the state fees to as high as $100 and some stores even suggest tacking on 10% of your purchase price. That last one adds up if it is a particularly nice gun pretty fast.

    3) The transfer must take place at a FFL dealer regardless of whether you are buying from a dealer or private party.
    Firearm typically MUST be present. (Used to be the wholesaler could fax or e-mail a serial and the DROS could start but the DoJ put the stop to that and the firearm must either be physically present or it sometimes might be possible to start with it already in the dealer's warehouse. (That has changed 3 times or so in the last year or year and a half I think.)
    Standard 4473 Federal Form applies either electronic or paper depending mostly on the dealer.
    CA DROS (Dealer Record of Sale) must be filled out This is the background check.
    Government issued ID required with current address.
    Second form of address verification required.
    Sign and thumb print.
    Both parties sign for a PPT.

    4) 10 day waiting period down to the second.

    5) CA DROS approval check, sig and thumb print. Recertification of the 4473. NO EARLIER than 10 days after the initial DROS is filed NO LATER than 30 days AFTER the initial DROS is filed (or you will have to do it again if it past the date.)

    Note all sales must be accompanied by a CA DoJ approved lock or a receipt showing you bought a lock within 30 days or you have to buy one at point of sale. (Sometimes you can use a safe affidavit and sometimes the auditors (usually Fed ATF) have told the dealer they won't accept a safe affidavit.) This even applies to receiver purchases BTW.
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