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Thread: New from Texas

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    Default New from Texas

    Hello, just joined from Central Texas. Just bought a SIG AR and now looking at an HK sometime in the future. Want to learn about them here. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard from the Kerrville area!

    Great site, great people, great guns. This is the place for anything and everything HK.
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    Welcome to the site.
    You picked the right place to learn about HK’s.
    Lots of great folks, knowledgeable and patient!!!! LOL!
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    Welcome, you will be selling that Sig once you get your hands on a HK
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    Welcome to the forum. While i agree you will buy more Hk’s. I would not sell any of my sig’s, or any other manufacturer that i have. Diversity is a good thing. Although my last 5 purchases have been the red and black varieties. So i might have caught the hk-itis.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    You have embarked on the Red & Black road. It's a long journey and you will empty your wallet on occasion. But in the end you have a fine collection of Hk firearms.

    Again, welcome to the HK ENABLERS FORUM.

    Welcome from far west Texas. Hope you enjoy the site.
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    Welcome to the site!!!


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    Welcome aboard! Lot of good info on this site!

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    Howdy! what firearm/s is in your to buy list? Worth to try the LEM packages before you commit to the V3 = DA/SA models. Welcome to the site.

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    Welcome to the Forum MR762fan
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