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We get the Hk243 and things like the G28Z but that´s about it. I find it sad that they didn´t bring out a Hk243K or C yet even though i heard that they wanted to make them.
You can probably get more info from this BKA document on HK243 versions aproval for civilian sales than I can: https://www.bka.de/SharedDocs/Downlo...cationFile&v=1

BTW When HK wanted to bring civi G36, BKA didn't aprove it to even look same as G36. Sam was for UMP. That is how SL-8 and USC were born in their ugly form. MR223 was a step forward as no longer "looking like weapon of war" was an issue, but still first iteration was required to have receiver pins relocated, to make it upper and lower not compatible with upper and lower of HK416.