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    Nothing would make me happier than to see the Hughes Amendment repealed but I too think it's unlikely. The talking points against it are honestly too easy. For some folks the words "civilian machinegun" are the most terrifying thing they've ever heard. It's why we're now arguing over "assault rifles" that aren't actually assault rifles and magazine round counts or how much ammunition is an appropriate amount of ammunition. I was born in '83 in Canada so no cheap machineguns for me either. Shame as those things are awesome. I'd love to take a tactical rifle course with an actual assault rifle. Or shoot USPSA with a sub gun. As it stands I've always wanted a Steyr Aug and that'll be machine gun #1.

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    Was probably playing with a battery powered automatic Uzi cap gun in evil black as a kid at the time, not realizing that my access to a real Uzi had just gone away. Should have been asking my parents to buy machine guns... But hindsight and all that. Probably should have asked for Apple stock for Christmas too...


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    Since I was born in '78, I missed out on the Golden Age of machineguns. While I have been shooting since I was 10 years old (and actually got my Dad interested in shooting after I first learned to shoot at a summer camp), I had no idea about machineguns until I was in college. I knew an FFL pretty well (who has since passed away, RIP Lee) and one of his partners was the one that started trying to convince me to get into machineguns. I considered it and had even located an M11/9 with a bunch of mags for $700 (this was in '99). In the end I decided to pass on it, as $700 plus a $200 stamp was too expensive.

    The real kicker is that I know I spent way more money on going to bars and eating out. Even on a college student budget, I could have bought several machine guns. Now, after shelling out $24k for my sear and $15k for my M16 RR, I just have to look back and shake my head at the stupidity of youth.

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    My first HK MG was a swing down lower MP5K Flemming built. $2200 plus $200 Transer tax. That was 1988. In 1991 I went to Knob Creek and you could buy HK sears for $900. That was 5 years after the ban in 1986. Thought that was too high then. So, it was not immediate in the price jump.

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    Born in 88, never had a chance. But now this thread is reinforcing the notion that I need to go back to that guy who had a few MP5 builds strapped to the wall of his shop (don't know the exact details, nor would I probably understand them with my 10 months of firearms knowledge) for ~$30k. I can afford it, but I have a pretty severe mental block about spending large amounts of money on 'toys'. I agonized for weeks just over my first handgun because $700 is a 'big' investment and I had to be absolutely sure I was getting the right one and not wasting money or going to have to buy a different one later. (Ended up with VP9, so success)

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    Back in the 80's I met a guy who had five machineguns. He offered to sell me an MP5 for $2000. He had traded a dirt bike for it. He lived in the next County over and could get the Sheriff to sign a form 4.
    I tried every chief LEO in my County and they wouldn't sign for anybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HKPRO View Post
    Do you have a FOPA story?
    I was stationed at McChord AFB in 1989. The senior Combat Arms Training and Maintenance NCO and I worked together on a few projects. One day he and I were at lunch. We were discussing a Washington State company called Microsoft and their Windows 3.0 product and the subject of gun investments came up. He mentioned FOPA to me and said we could buy HK sears for a few hundred a piece, and convert HK94s and SP89s into machine guns. Went right over my head.
    Happiness is a warm gun.

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