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    Quote Originally Posted by fargo007 View Post
    I read his first book "how I trained the deadliest snipers" or something like that.

    It was terrible. Mostly because it never fulfilled the promise of the title. There were near zero specifics.

    SO bad, that I promised myself I wouldn't ever buy one of his books again.

    Howard Wasdin's book however totally delivered. That remains the best book written by a SEAL I ever read, except for Breaking BUD/s which is only interesting for people pursuing or associated with that type of training.

    Some statements attributed to Webb on The trouble with Brandon Webb. - Selling the Second Amendment by Gregory Smith :

    -I believe everyone who owns a gun should attend a firearms safety qualifications course, and this should be standardized across the country. Too many people I’ve seen on the range are unsafe.

    -Yes, owning a gun is a right; driving is similar to this but you have to have pass a drivers test to prove competency *this point was clarified from my earlier post.

    -The NRA should be like PADI or NAUI and encourage gun ranges to only accept NRA basic qualified shooters on the range.
    With statements like these then SEAL or not....screw him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve_in_29 View Post
    With statements like these then SEAL or not....screw him.
    I totally agree Steve!
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    Wow I did not know this.

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    It's coming out now that he has never actually been in a firefight and over inflated his experience.

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    A guy that served with him, tore him apart recently. It was pretty funny.

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