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Thread: HK Gun collection getting dusty

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    As of late I’ve been shedding things like a stuck pig bleeds.

    There was much thought about what I wanted to shed to meet my current needs.

    My collection, if you can call it that, has mostly multiple versions of 3 types of firearms. So, I figured out exactly what I wanted, because frankly I really only need my Benelli SBE2 for hunting (maybe home protection) and 1 pistol for defense.
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    Regular guy. I hear you. I only ever wanted ONE of each niche need. 1 M-4 (Frankengun), 1 pump-gun (870 bullpup), 1 s/a 12ga. (Benelli M4), 1 SBR carbine (COLT 9mm 10"), 1 SBR .308 (G3K), 1 bolt gun (Rem. 700). With the exception of my MARK 23 addiction(1 is a shooter, 3 are BNIB collectible to sell later) and a recent indulgence of the MR762SD...I'm good.

    Now that I list them, it's not brief, but I still don't get guys that have 10 M-4's, unless they plan to arm the whole HOA for civil unrest or Zombies.
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    I've been down-sizing my HK/SIG collection for about 5 years. It would seem that I've sold 2/3 of my firearms, already. I need to mentally let-go of my P9 series collection. Everything else has been available, except my sear and a couple hosts. I have a cabinet full of "legacy" parts, furniture, and mags. I'm doing the same with my car stuff, and my bikes will go this year. Gettin' older...with no kids.
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    I personally am collecting for my son when I pass. I dont have much but I'd be able to leave him my collection. But I can see your point too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yohanan View Post
    My kids are getting older and the thoughts of selling out have recently crossed my mind.

    Does anyone else have these problems, the guns have become safe queens (i hate cleaning the mm23) and ya I've got the cash but sometimes I think "money just sitting there why pull cash out of the bank for daughter a car when i could sell this stuff i don't even use anymore".

    I'm at the point of selling off everything and only keeping one pistol, one AR, my benelli m4. Something is going on with me, just sold rolex watch, my military truck is for sale, considering selling my 3/4 ton 4x4 suburban etc etc.

    I think what is happening is my son is 13 now and said he wants to farm our places one day and i feel the urge to stack up as much cash to possible help him, daughter wants to be an attorney, and im sure will be pricey, 2nd daughter is 6 and only thinks of chocolate and cartoons.

    Don't know what to
    I think this will help with your predicament.
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    Everyone must follow their own path and only that person can navigate it. Listen to advice and make your move.

    Me, I learned long ago from a good friend of mine. He once told me "you'll always come back to guns". And he was right. I went through some rough patches, sold everything I had, went through a divorce, moved.
    Came full circle and replaced everything I sold except it cost me over twice as much to do so because the market had changed

    If you sell be damned sure you are done with it, period. Try replacing an HK or machine gun collection you built in the 80s at today's prices.

    Firearms have been a part of my family for generations and having them around is a part of our family legacy. Id feel empty and unhappy, depressed if I didnt have my hobbies to enjoy and I'd feel stupid for selling out so it's not going to happen. Like my grandfather's and fathers guns, mine will be here for whoever is left behind.

    Sure, I'll dip into the list if present day needs must be met. But those needs in my opinion vary from the opinions of others.

    Follow your own path, be sure of your decision, dont look back and dont second guess yourself.

    Good luck.

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    I'd like to offer a couple of different ideas.

    First, I'll jump directly your MV. I own a 1970 Kaiser Jeep Deuce and a half. KEEP your MV truck. You said your son is interested in farming? He's gonna need at least ONE BIG TRUCK. Maybe two or more.

    Second, I suspect that your children will get married one day. If you hang on to these firearms, chances are at least 50/50 that your SIL/DIL will like firearms or at the very least realize that having the ability to protect his/her family (your grand children) MAY be a great idea. Especially if the economy goes 'south' any time sooner. OR LATER.

    I know it's a no brainer, but you folks ARE stashing away extra parts, accessories (mags come to mind), and loads of ammo for each firearm, RIGHT?

    just my .02

    The old joke of someone inquiring about a persons firearms collection, but says, "yeah, but how much ammo do you have" and then the Mormons speak up with, "that's great and you have a nice collection and loads of ammo, but what does your PANTRY look like?"

    Every group is different. Pick your group and stock up now. You and yours won't regret it in the future.
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    Get a sear. That will knock the dust off of them.
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    A few years back I had to make a quick choice, keep my two AK Steyr Maadis, which were safe queens, never shot etc. Or sell them and get down payment to buy a newer used car and get rid of the rolling money drain that was sitting in the driveway. My priorities at the time are way different then they are now. I could have just kept them and went about life albeit with an unreliable vehicle. I put a lot of money into all types of firearms to expand my collection. When I bought a particular gun, I also bought every single factory accessory I could get including mags! I would have saved up enough cash for new car in year or so if I didn't go nuts when I bought a new gun but, I knew, deep down inside, I wouldn't save for a plain old car. When a new whiz bang gun came out, Id be all over it. What was ironic was that, I'd buy a Walther P88 for $800 with no hesitation but after I picked it up along with a boat load of mags, etc. I got stuck outside the gun store with a bad fuel pump in that crap box of a car! And I'd bitch to the mechanic when I had it repaired!! Well not anymore... I sold the pair of Maadis, a Rem 700 in 30-06, a new Rem 870 skeet gun and my two S&W 629 and everything that went with them, got more than expected, bought a new car for less than I thought and was able to finally come to terms that things were just things. Being happy, healthy, and comfortable overall while out and about on the road beat out having all those safe queens. Hell, I only put 18 rounds through the 44 Mags that I had for 8 years so what was I missing! Over the ensuing years, if I needed a kick start or quick influx of cash to solve a problem or change a situation of a family member or friend, I'd looked through my collection, made a choice to sell something and did it. No regrets on anything sold and when it made a lot of people in my life happy when I did free up money, it was an awesome feeling. Do what makes you happy! If you know you won't miss them, then sell 'em high! Peace of mind is priceless!!
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