Would we consider the SA80 and other former RSAF firearms to be HKs?
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Thread: Would we consider the SA80 and other former RSAF firearms to be HKs?

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    Default Would we consider the SA80 and other former RSAF firearms to be HKs?

    Since the current ownership took back over control of HK in 2002, HK has basically also run what used to be the RSAF/Royal Ordinance division of British Aerospace/BAE Systems. HK was also heavily involved in turning the SA80 from a problem ridden, mediocre rife into a pretty good one given what they had to work with. I also like the re-work that they did on the A3 version of the SA80. This also has resulted in an odd situation where HK also basically make parts for the British Army's L7 series of GPMGs and vehicle machine guns. The L7 originally being an Enfield built version of the FN MAG, and HK even made the 221 GPMG upgraded lightweight MAG for offer to the French and German Armies, that ultimately went with the actual FNH built MAG and HK MG5 respectively.

    So would we maybe perhaps call the SA80 and L7 "honorary" HK firearms?
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    I look at it in a similar sense that HK didn't make the HKM4 that would begin as a retrofitted a Colt that would become the 416. HK didn't invent the wheel, but they put enough of their own spin on it that it's now their version is markedly different than the initial design...thus I'm ok with calling it "theirs".
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    Upgrades do not an HK make!!!


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    Basing this all on very weak evidence or most misinformation, feel that the SA80 does not fall in line of what we are asking. For sure an honorable mention.
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    HK4=HSc with alloy frame. Everybody "borrows" designs. HK is no exception.
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    Important part of the H&K story but I wouldn't say they're H&K firearms. I would however, include them in any H&K reference collection or book.
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