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Thread: Breaking News New for 2019 Christmas SP5s !!!!!

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    The date on the FB post was early September, this information has been out there for over 2 months?
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    Quote Originally Posted by straightgrain View Post
    I can ask, but I suspect these will already be on allocation to the distributors.
    I’m not suggesting we would get a discount, it would just be nice to not buy them on the secondary market with huge mark ups.

    Plus, this is the crowd of people to give dibs on an early batch to, safe to say we’ve paid at least a few of the light bills for the Georgia facility.

    Heck, I know I’ve paid at least one of the electric bill by myself. 😂😂
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    Quote Originally Posted by GPSIG View Post
    Any guess on what bolt/carrier these would have? Is everything MP5 now made with the "F" bolt, carrier, and recoil rod/spring or does HK build new guns with the older systems as well?
    My guess it it's going to be a mix. Probably close to how they import the MP5 into the US now. Bolt head will most likely be F. Carrier might still be Action 3, possible F. Recoil rod??? Firing Pin Spring will be F double braided for sure. Definitely no Ambi Sling mount under the barrel, just a single eyelet. Charging handle might still be the older style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guido02 View Post
    @straightgrain can we please do a HKpro group buy/pre order?

    I really don’t want to fight the masses and pay a crazy premium to get one of these.

    I would be up for this group buy, even if it was the second round of pistols released would be worth the wait!

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    Im in for the group buy for a SP5! (If it can happen)

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    i would be for one as well

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    Now i see why there are more zeniths for sale.

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    I would definitely be in for a group buy too.

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    I would be in for the group but if this isn’t a fairy tail.

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    I'm in for a group buy.

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