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Thread: HK Representing at the Grammys

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    what's his HKPro username?
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    I was watching this live with my wife. She was mildly amused at my sudden interest and excitement! Unfortunately their performance was not nearly as exiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tm530 View Post
    I was watching this live with my wife. She was mildly amused at my sudden interest and excitement! Unfortunately their performance was not nearly as exiting.
    It's crazy how just seeing them 2 simple red letters gets us guys all googly eyed and excited. Alot if people just can't understand it, I'm glad to be part of this great forum where people just get it!
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    Yep I posted about this too. It was super exciting to see. It immediately caught my attention. Wife and daughter thought I was nuts. Made them rewind and watch it several time. 😁
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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornec View Post
    Idiots in Hollywood (entitled, arrogant, elitist, hypocritical) all think the dude is protesting Hong Kong (HK) - maybe even himself - they are not very bright
    Love that quote. If they knew what it was, the Hollywood elitist, left wing fools would have banned Aerosmith from playing!!
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    In one of Ted Nugents books, he talks about how the Aerosmith guys are big HK fans, Perry has at least one F/A MP5.

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    Steven Tyler was recently spotted with a microtech knife in his pants as well. Me thinks these guys are into the good stuff.

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    “Hey Joe”
    “Where you going with that gun in your hand”

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    From my old days on another forum, Joe Perry is said to have a collection that’s more like a warehouse. That’s what a Class 7 SOT who transferred some things for him whispered to me.

    He’s been rock star wealthy since the days that Hk autosears cost less than the tax stamp. Since select fire UZIs were $50 more than the semi version from Action Arms. Since AN/M2 water cooled fifty cals in the twin Navy anti-aircraft mount were maybe $1500 for the whole setup. Since beautiful M1928 Thompsons were $900 in the FBI case.

    Aerosmith has been sitting on a giant pile of golden doubloons like something out of Scrooge McDuck’s money vault back before Van Halen was playing SoCal college parties for beer money.

    What kind of gun collection has he got? Well, it’s probably utterly amazing.
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