How much will an optics mount mar the finish on my HK53?
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Thread: How much will an optics mount mar the finish on my HK53?

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    Default How much will an optics mount mar the finish on my HK53?

    Just like the title says. I have an MFI low profile optics mount. I mounted it on my 53 the other day but didnít tighten the screws all the way cause I was scared of marring the finish on the mounting tabs. I like to keep most of my guns as un-banged up as possible. If they typically leave heavy marks then Iím fine with shooting irons and leaving the rail off.
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    I am sticking to irons on my sp5 just to play it safe. you could also use the mount that replaces the rear sight if you have to run an optic.

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    I use the B&T ones no noticeable marks, never used MFI one.
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    I have an MFI mount on my SP5K. I've shot it a bunch. There is some very slight marring of the finish. Nothing I care about.

    For one, it is wearing the optic for life -- so the marring will never be visible.

    But I don't care about scope mount marring on roller locks anyhow. Goes with the territory .. and I honestly look at it the same way I do Marilyn Monroe's mole.

    A supposed "blemish" that actually gives character and brings out the beauty, IMO.
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