Is calling someone an HK fanboi an insult?
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Thread: Is calling someone an HK fanboi an insult?

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    Default Is calling someone an HK fanboi an insult?

    So I posted a picture of 2 HK coffee cups wit a Tapco Assault Rifle ... mentioned my wife had put my regular cup in the dishwasher and I picked out these three to choose from and chose the HK International Training cup ...
    He commented something to the effect of: HK because they are second to none.
    I replied with “spoken like a true HK Fanboi”
    He came back with an homophobic slur (which I’m straight and my FB photo is of me, my wife & daughter)
    And the conversation went down hill from there ... I kept telling him I’m not debating with you, I’m out and he kept insulting me ... turns out he was the admin and when I didn’t respond he IM’d me ... told him to ban me and leave me alone, to which he kept it up, I asked 2 more time to quit messaging me ... I finally blocked him

    So, did I insult him (even tho he is a fanboi)?
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    "Fan" while not necessarily negative as a denotation for singular alignment to an institution comes from "fanatic" which by definition denotes "excessive, single-minded zeal"
    The purposeful misspelling of "boy" to "boi" is intended to denote additional immaturity or ignorance.

    Compound that to the current culture and the HEAVY link between a person's spending habits to self worth/image and I think you can say that it can be easily seen as an insult.


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    I personally don't see it as an insult i would've just "LOL'd" about it and continue with my day. However, there are a lot of snowflakes nowadays and they are easily triggered, so tread carefully my friend.
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    Badge of honor!!!

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    I don’t consider it an insult. It just shows that others recognize our passion for HKs.
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    They are jealous we have good taste in quality and understand the value of paddle magazine release levers.

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    I have referred to myself as an HK bigot. Unfortunately, the slippery slope has become very steep lately.
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    i've been an HK fanboi since the 80s and i'm proud of it:D

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    I've had guys here call me an HK Elitist, so I think that's next level Fanboi.

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    It wasn’t intended as an insult but he took it as such, btw, these are the coffee cups I chose from ...

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