Club HKU (HK uppers on non-HK lowers photo gallery)
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Thread: Club HKU (HK uppers on non-HK lowers photo gallery)

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    Default Club HKU (HK uppers on non-HK lowers photo gallery)

    My California compliant HK416......Who says you can't have fun in CA

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    Ok, mine is "done" finally so here are the finished pics :)

    I have a slight HK problem.

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    Default Some Pics of My H&K 416

    Photo: Overall Profile of the H&K 416 Upper Receiver Mounted on my M4 Carbine Lower Receiver

    Photo 2: H&K Logo on the Bolt Carrier Group

    Photo 3: H&K Factory Proof Marks on the Upper Receiver – Left Side

    Photo 4: H&K Factory Proof Mark and Logo on the Barrel – Left Side – By the Barrel Ring

    Photo 5: H&K Factory Date Code – On the Barrel – Left Side

    Photo 6: Piston Rod and Gas Nozzle Detail

    Photo 7: The Piston Rod – Upper Receiver Interface

    Photo 8: Fore Arm _ Upper Receiver Rail Interface.

    Photo 9: M4 Type Feed Ramps on the Barrel Extension.

    Photo 10: H&K 416 Buffer and Buffer Spring. Note the Red Paint on the Buffer Spring.

    Photo 11: Bolt Carrier and Cam Pin Detail.

    Photo 12: Bolt Carrier Group Detail.

    Photo 13: Bolt Carrier Group Detail.

    Photo 14: Bolt Carrier Group Detail.

    Photo 15: Bolt Carrier Group Detail Showing the Polished Surfaces.

    Photo 16: Bolt Carrier Group Detail Showing the Polished Surfaces.

    Photo 17: Bolt Carrier Group – Detail of the Firing Pin Safety.

    Photo 18: Bolt Carrier Group - Detail of the Firing Pin Safety.

    Photo 19: Bolt Carrier Group Detail.

    Photo 20: Bolt Carrier Group Detail

    Photo 21: Bolt Carrier Group Detail

    Photo 22: Bolt Carrier Group Detail

    Photo: 23: Bolt Carrier Group Detail

    Photo 24: Bolt Carrier Group Detail

    Photo 25: Bolt Carrier Group Disassembled.

    Photo 26: Bolt Extractor Detail.

    Photo 27: H&K Proof Mark and Factory Codes on the Bolt.

    Photo 28: Bolt – Rear Face Detail.

    Photo 29: Firing Pin and Firing Pin Spring Detail.

    Photo 30: Piston Rod Removed

    Photo 31: Gas Nozzle Removed

    Photo 32: Piston Rod detail.

    Photo 33: Piston Rod Detail

    Photo 34: Piston Rod Detail

    Photo 35: Piston Rod Detail

    Photo 36: Close Up on the Piston Rod. Note how it is relived to clear the Barrel Ring

    Photo 37: Piston Rod Detail

    Photo 38: Gas Nozzle Detail.

    Photo 39: Rear of the Gas Nozzle

    Photo 40: Gas Block detail

    Photo 41: Metal Ring Inserted into the Receiver for the Piston Rod

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    I'll play...a couple of my favorite toys.
    Enfield MP5
    Ghillie Built MP5 clone
    HK 9mm Compact
    HK 416 10.5" Upper X 2

    I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes; If you f*** with me, I'll kill you all. - US Marine General James Mattis, to Iraqi tribal leaders

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    Default Don't post a lot but here are my two....

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    Default Ok, now I'm done

    Well it's finally done. Just waiting to get a can. Last photo is my former favorite. Included it just for eveyones FAL Fan Harry


    Surefire 556K Flash Hider
    Troy BUIS (Yes I know the front is backwards, there is a reason)
    553 Eotech
    3X Aimpoint Magnifier
    Badger Gen 2 Tac Latch
    MAGPUL Stock
    JP Trigger, Speed Hammer, and anti walk pins
    Knights Ambi Selector Lever
    Tango Down Stubby Forward Grip

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    Talking My new Bouncing baby boy....

    10.5 inch upper with permanent attached fake can ( california legal). Noveske N4 lower with Jp fire control group. Eotech 553, what else can I say.....:D

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    Here is some pictures of my new toy...

    HK 416 14.5inch upper with AAC blackout flash hider and PRI military latch on charging handle.

    EOTech 555 with Standard HK sights, but might migrate to the Centurion Arms HK sights which is higher in order to co-witness better with my Raised EOTech 555.

    Tangodown VFG with a unknown side sling mount i found in the parts bin.

    Vltor offsit flash light mount in up right position. I ride my hand high on the VFG so it is very natural for my thumb to rest on the push button. Surefire 6PLED with Tactical NightVision Company 256Lumen LED lamp conversion.

    Waiting on Tangodown to release their new magazines and also the new SCAR rail panels in black.
    Chen Lee

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