Possible Flash Supressor/Muzzle Brake Replacement
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Thread: Possible Flash Supressor/Muzzle Brake Replacement

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    Default Possible Flash Supressor/Muzzle Brake Replacement

    To bring my 556 to NYS compliance I will be fixing (pinning) the Flash suppressor to the BBL. But before doing so, I might want to consider an upgrade to the existing one. Is there a current best choice for this upgrade? Some of these items seem to walk a fine line between a flash supressor/muzzle brake and noise supressor, I don't want to create any problems for myself while trying to fix one. Is there a standard that would identify which was considered which? Only got one shot at this so I need to do it right the first time.


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    I installed a AAC 18t Flash hider, plan on getting suppressor in a few months
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